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The WFG (formerly the '914' Film Group) is the only working film group in Westchester County that encompasses the entire range of film activities; The artistic, business, and technical sides of the filmmaking experience, whether it's documentary or narrative, whatever it's final destination, be it 35mm or 16mm film or VHS video within the county.

While there are several film societies in the county whose sole purpose is screenings and discussions, or are run strictly as profit making ventures, ours is primarily that of a networking group, where the film professional and the film aficionado, as well as those who fit somewhere in between, may socialize, and share their personal experiences, opinions, and expertise.

The lines of filmmaking are often indistinct, with many hyphenates and a blurring between categories. This is in and of itself neither good nor bad. The Westchester Film Group should be the place where the technical and artistic can sit together and find common ground.

This website's purpose is multi-fold:

1. As an Entrance way. An Internet connection and starting point leading to topics and people involved in Filmmaking in Westchester County, NY. This includes hyperlinks.

2. Informational.  If it has anything to do with Filmmaking in Westchester, you're likely to find it here. One of the intents of this website is to serve as a 'virtual' newsletter, where on a periodic basis we will keep you up to date on the various facets of filmmaking within the county

3. As a Resource.  Do you need a DP? Where can you find actors for your short? We may not have all the answers but we'll try. This is meant as a place for film people to make connections with other film people - in the broadest sense. Whatever level or aspect of filmmaking it may be, it is the intent for this site to be a general umbrella under which you may find other like minded individuals.

4. Articles. We hope to offer articles and interviews with a Westchester slant, on a regular basis, and to periodically update the site. We encourage you to submit your own ideas and articles about filmmaking and filmmakers within the confines of the county, or whom otherwise have connections to Westchester County.

5. History.  This will give you the background on The Westchester Film Group.

This website is only as good as the people who contribute to it. While it can't possibly cover all aspects of motion pictures, nor is that our intention(there are hundreds of other sites you can visit for that) we do encourage you to let us know what you think, so we may keep this site as active and as vital as possible.

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