Already an accomplished cameraman and still photographer, Bill Winters II landed his first paying gig long before graduating with a BFA in Cinematography with High Honors from NYU's Tisch School of Filmmaking. He's worked with everything from a wind up Bolex to a Panavision Panaflex and variously as a Gaffer, Camera Assistant, Loader, Camera PA, Locations Intern and Director of Photography for clients as such as: Beth Israel Hospital, The National Gallery of Art, The Learning Center, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, ABC 20/20, MTV's The Real World, The Health Network, Warner Lambert, Smith Barney, Late Night with Conan O'Brien and The Shooting Gallery among dozens of others.

He was the DP behind the short films "Cadaverous" which won Best Undergraduate Film at the DGA West this summer, "Soldiers", which won Outstanding Achievement in Producing at the NYU First Run Festival 2000, and "The Surface", which won an unprecedented 9 awards at the NYU First Run Film Festival including Faculty Commendation Award for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography at the NYU First Run Festival 2000.

Bill is also the co-owner of Snozzberry Entertainment, which produces music videos and will begin principle photography on it's first feature "" in 2001. Presently he is shooting a new weekly television show called "The Life" which is being produced by, one of the largest commercial production companies in the world.

We're fortunate to have this talented DP right here in Westchester penning his first article for our website.